booth supporting brennan parallel requested by bluexdaffodil
2.03 - 9.22

"You’ll live. I promise that."

make me choose - Booth & Brennan or Tony & Ziva

"We’re symbiotic. Like a clown fish and a sea anemone."
hey Emily Deschanel will be 22 april kimmel And CraigyFerg on 24th of April whether you can record and give YT to the boards ????

Hey Anon! I actually don’t have the knowledge or equipment to record the interviews myself, but some lovely Bones fan always gets on it! I’ll reblog them right away when I see them so you can watch! Also, if it helps, I might GIF something from them if I’m inspired :) 




"You always tell me that I’m too rational; that dreaming is good."
"I’m not sure this is such a good dream."