you're so nice answering people. we need more people like you around here. you're an inspiration

Wow. This just made my day. What an amazing message. Really though, every single person that comes to my askbox makes it so easy for me be nice to them (you’re a prime example of that). I genuinely enjoy answering questions. But seriously, thank you so much for this. 

Hi! I was wondering if you knew any places to watch all of season 9 of bones? I just finished season 8 on netflix and I have a mighty need! thanks! <3

Hey! :) This is my favorite site to watch new episodes on: (x) — If you click on the episode you want, scroll down to the comments section, and people will post links to the episode. Don’t read the comments because they’ll give stuff away about the episode, but the links are pretty obvious so it’s easy to just scroll down without reading. Vodlocker is my favorite because it loads the fastest for me. If this is too complicated, here are a few other sites that I sometimes use: (x) (x) (x) — If you need any more help, let me know! :) Hope this helps! 

B&B and Hodgela moments in 5x12 // Requested by anon

"When Hodgins and I were buried alive, we each wrote a message to someone we loved…in case our bodies were ever found. Hodgins wrote to Angela and I wrote to you

Emily Deschanel @ Fox Summer TCA All-Star Party


That lady is crazy lol but I LOVE Booth’s response. He’s saying Brennan deserves respect because of who she is as a person first- her being his wife is secondary to that. Booth respects Brennan for who she is individually first. Plus, I’ve always loved how proud Booth is of Brennan’s intelligence; it’s so refreshing to see a man who is not intimidated by his partner’s intellect. In fact, he admires her for it and over the years, he has constantly shown how much he loves all of her, including her “beautiful brain” :)

what bones tags do you track?

Hey Anon! ‘bonestv’ and ‘booth x brennan’ are the two that I most actively track and they serve me well, but I also have ‘emily deschanel’ and ‘temperance brennan’ on there for good measure. :) 

in which my otp went from rescuing other peoples baby to having one of their own